Mark Slaunwhite Media

In early 2014, after leaving my first company, Husky Communications, I was looking for something new. I was always interested in the idea of photography but never took the chance with getting into it. So, I decided that I would pick up a decent DSLR camera (the first one I had was a Canon Rebel T3) and shoot some photos of my friends band at one of their shows. After that, I began compiling a list of clients and grew the business into film and design on top of the photography.

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In the past few years, I've worked on a few projects at Hackathon events, and this project was created at the IBM Bluemix events in early of 2015. Glavin Wiechert and I developed a program to assist students with the process of course registration. Our goal was to optimize students' schedules, but also automate the process of selecting elective courses.

You can check out the final project here. Find more about Glavin and his projects here.

Past Projects